Shimadzu Corporation Acquires Polyarc and Jetanizer

We’re excited to announce that Shimadzu Corporation has acquired exclusive rights to our award-winning Polyarc and Jetanizer products.

These cutting-edge gas chromatography add-ons have significantly enhanced the analysis of complex mixtures, biofuels and oils, and greenhouse gases, and improved FID sensitivity. With Shimadzu’s worldwide reach, customer base, and innovation – their impact will reach even greater heights.

ARC will continue its award-winning GC/LC product development and support, while spearheading innovative third-party platform development initiatives.

Thank you for your support over the past nine years! As we embark on this exciting new journey, we appreciate your continued support and remain dedicated to creating the best results for our customers.


Sustainable Fuel Analysis, Pyrolysis, and Exceeding Your Testing Limits


ARC develops advanced GC/LC tools for use across multiple industries and applications.

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Transforming Chemical Analysis

Activated Research Company (ARC) develops innovative products to enhance chemical analysis and improve lives. We serve customers across a range of industries with easy-to-use detection technologies that yield unparalleled data results.

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Activated Research Company (ARC) is at the forefront of developing revolutionary products that redefine the standards in chemical analysis. Our commitment to innovation excellence drives us to create easy-to-use GC-FID technologies that deliver exceptional data results across a diverse range of industries.

Better Data Results Better Data Results Enhanced data accuracy enables more informed decision-making with highly reliable information.
Improved Throughput Improved Throughput Improved accuracy and ease-of-use means fewer sample runs while ensuring ALL compounds are accurately quantified.
More Economical More Economical Fast, dependable, and repeatable sample analysis saves time and supports more cost-effective, productive operations.

Innovative products and always looking for ways to grow. The service is great as well, extremely friendly, understanding and knowledgeable.

Chase Dantin Laboratory Supervisor, Westlake Chemical

The Polyarc is a high quality durable product that was relatively simple to install and have not had any problems with it in over 2+ years of use. It simply works for what it was designed for without any apparent negative side affects.

Rob Wilson Air Director, Air Water & Soil Laboratories

From the time we set up an installation date to months after using the product, [ARC] has been helpful in answering any and all questions. On top of the service being unmatched, the product has made our calibration curve process much easier.

Kirby Ethridge Senior Laboratory Technician, Ingevity
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We serve customers across a range of industries with easy-to-use technologies that yield better data quality.