Heterogeneous Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis With Polyarc®

Polyarc is the perfect solution for scientists and engineers studying pyrolysis – specifically on compounds with high levels of heteroatoms like cellulose – that generate multiple heterogeneous products, including oxygenates, that form during the pyrolysis of biomass.

Polyarc delivers both improved quantitation and mass balance closure of carbon fractions from pyrolysis without requiring extensive calibration.

Universal Response Factor

In flame ionization detector (FID) analysis, response factor calibration is essential for accurate quantitation of compounds, particularly in cases where many compounds are present. However, obtaining calibration standards can be challenging and expensive, particularly in the case of pyrolysis of biomass.

Polyarc addresses this issue by converting the carbon in compounds to methane, resulting in a uniform response factor per carbon, eliminating the need for multiple calibrations.

With a single internal or external standard and knowledge of the molecular formula of each compound, accurate quantitation can be achieved. This allows users to quickly determine unknown carbon concentrations and estimate mass concentrations from C:heteroatom ratios.

Polyarc Insights and Takeaways

Polyarc’s ability to provide insight into carbon distribution in pyrolysis products and measure yield makes it an essential tool for pyrolysis analysis:

  • Fast analysis
  • Mass balance closure – quantify all species on carbon basis with high accuracy (area % = carbon %)
  • Quantify compounds without standards
  • Reduce need for calibration and replacement

Let’s Talk About Polyarc!

To discuss the Polyarc System and learn how it can help generate the results you are after – schedule a call with Connor Beach, Technical Sales Engineer. He can provide additional information, answer your questions, and guide you in integrating the Polyarc System into your lab:

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