Polyarc…Much More Than a Methanizer

Polyarc® Fits Your Lab

Polyarc is an add-on solution for scientists and engineers using methanizers to measure CO/CO2 – who require accuracy and reliability but are encountering catalyst poisoning and/or the need for frequent catalyst replacement.

Polyarc is an accurate, reliable, affordable tool that enhances analytical results while reducing replacement cost and maintenance downtime.

The Polyarc Reactor

Methanizers are commonly used to convert CO/CO2 to CH4, enabling accurate measurements at low levels (<1 ppm) using a flame ionization detector (FID). Unfortunately, methanizers are susceptible to degradation, or poisoning, due to oxygen, sulfur, water, and coking – which can all lead to the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

Polyarc employs a sophisticated two-stage reactor that converts the carbon in compounds to CO2 and then to CH4 – significantly improving resistance to catalyst poisons and leading to a longer service life. This also eliminates the need for additional valving to prevent certain compounds from ever reaching the methanizer.

Polyarc Impacts Results

Adding Polyarc to your lab requires a gas chromatograph (GC) equipped with an FID and suitable inlet (e.g., split/splitless, on-column, PTV, headspace). Once installed – Polyarc makes an immediate impact:

  • Analysis of more compounds
  • Longer service life leads to lower operating cost
  • Less frequent replacements
  • Easier installation
  • Less valving

Let’s Talk About Polyarc!

To discuss the Polyarc System and learn how it can help generate the results you are after – schedule a call with Connor Beach, Technical Sales Engineer. He can provide additional information, answer your questions, and guide you in integrating the Polyarc System into your lab:

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Technical Sales Engineer


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Accurate Quantification of CO, CO2, Formamide, Formaldehyde, and Formic Acid by GC/FID and the Polyarc® Reactor

Beach C. et al.

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