Transformer Oil Gas Analysis (TOGA)

TOGA Graphic

The Polyarc® System:
Making Dissolved Gas Analysis Easy

The Polyarc system has been a game-changing device for more than 80% of TOGA/DGA testing labs in the US. It is both fully compliant with ASTM method D3612 and is also easy to install and operate, meaning it can be incorporated without changing conventional methods. This results in zero laboratory downtime and planned GC maintenance at designated intervals, increasing laboratory productivity and profitability.


Polyarc Literature


Increased Instrument Uptime with Improved Methanizer for Dissolved Gas Analysis

Author: Dr. Andrew Jones, Activated Research Company


Accurate Quantification of CO, CO2, Formamide, Formaldehyde, and Formic Acid by GC/FID and the Polyarc® Reactor

Author(s): Paul Dauenhauer and Connor Beach, (University of Minnesota)