The Polyarc® System


The Polyarc System
One of the biggest GC advances in the last 5 years.

– Scientist at a Fortune 100 Chemical Company

[This] is really the holy grail of chemical analysis.

– Paul Dauenhauer, Professor at the University of Minnesota


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The Polyarc Difference


The Polyarc system is a breakthrough innovation that combines catalysis with chemical analysis to revolutionize 60 year-old GC/FID technology. Give your FID a universal and uniform carbon response with a 7-order of magnitude linear range from <100 ppb to 100% for nearly all organic compounds. The Polyarc technology converts all organic molecules to methane after chromatographic separation for a truly uniform FID response. Improve your data quality, diagnose GC issues, and speed up analysis.

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Same GC. Same Software. Better Data.

Better Data Quality
Better Data Quality

Increase accuracy and reduce error-producing steps
Improve accuracy, precision and sensitivity with a uniform FID response. Better data quality leads to improved decision making and more reliable products.

Increased Throughput
Increased Throughput

Simplify workflow through reduction in calibration steps over time
Run few samples by reducing the need for traditional calibration curves while accurately quantifying all species in sample. Simplified workflow means greater productivity.

More Economical
More Economical

Achieve a more cost-effective, time-saving, and productive operation
Use valuable resources more efficiently by reducing or eliminating time and costs associated with:
– Purchasing/preparing calibration standards
– Analysis time to prepare and run calibration curves
– Increased wear on GC/FID

How the Polyarc Works


GC with FID Conversion of all organic compounds to methane yields a universal FID response, seamlessly integrating into all GCs.
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GC with FID and Polyarc Reactor


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