“World’s First Universal FID for LC” among five finalists selected for the Pharma award category

Eden Prairie, MN, September 16, 2020 – The Institution of Chemical Engin.eers (IChemE) has named Activated Research Company’s (ARC) Solvere™ as a finalist in the Pharma category for the 2020 IChemE Global Awards. The IChemE Global Awards celebrate chemical, process, and biochemical engineering excellence and are considered one of the world’s most prestigious chemical engineering awards. The Pharma category recognizes the best project, process, or product to demonstrate chemical engineering excellence in the pharmaceutical sector. The winners of the IChemE Global Awards will be announced in a series of webinars in November. A full list of finalists is available online.

ARC’s submission, “World’s First Universal FID for LC,” highlights the Solvere™ Carbon Selective Detector for liquid chromatography (LC). The Solvere™ is an LC detector that produces a linear response to all non-volatile organic compounds using ARC’s expertise in catalysis and microreactor design, bringing Flame Ionization Detection (FID) to LC. The Solvere™ has the potential to positively impact many industries and applications, including drug development in pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, fuels, chemicals, renewables, food, flavors, and more.

“ARC has been working hard on the Solvere and are excited to be recognized for our innovation through the IChemE Global Awards,” said Andrew Jones, Chief Executive Officer of ARC. “Analytical scientists in pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries have been asking for a detector with a universal and uniform response for many years now, so we’re very happy to be able to meet their needs.”

About Activated Research Company
Activated Research Company (ARC) was founded in 2014 with a mission to make chemical analysis easy. ARC’s products harness the latest in 3D printing and catalytic technologies to bring universal carbon response and compound independent calibration to gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. These innovations open new capabilities to researchers and improve analytical workflow in their laboratories. For more information, visit www.activatedresearch.com.

About the Institution of Chemical Engineers
The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) was founded in 1922 and is a multi-national institution whose goal is to advance chemical engineering’s contribution for the benefit of society. Information about IChemE can be found at https://www.icheme.org/.

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