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ARC Electronic Flow Control

Polyarc® FCS – Flow Control Software

Installation Instructions
System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 with the .Net Framework v4.0, or higher, installed.

  • Before plugging-in ARC’s USB communication cable – download, extract, and install the USB-RS485 drivers from the FTDI Chip website:
  • Download ARC’s FCS file to your computer. The ZIP file contains this document and the Flow Control Software. Export both files and move them to the desired directory on your computer.
  • Ensure the electronic flow controller (EFC) is connected to the correct gases with the correct pressures – and are leak free.
  • Plug ARC’s USB (RS-485) communication cable into your computer – and then firmly into the flow control box.
  • Turn the EFC ON by turning both power switches ON. Both lights should be illuminated.
  • Run the FCS by double-clicking on the PolyarcFC_v#.exe file.
  • Select the COM port of the USB device – found on your computer under Device Manager/Ports. Use the Taskbar Search Box – type Device Manager – then click on the Device Manager “best match.” Select the USB device from the list.
  • The FCS will begin communicating.
  • Use the FCS fields and buttons to view | change | save flow rates. Values are saved in the flow controller’s non-volatile memory – and will be used until they are changed

    Polyarc® Flow Control Software (FCS) Installation and Operating Instructions