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A better methanizer for dissolved gas analysis of transformer oil (DGA/TOGA)

Power transformers makeup the backbone of our electrical grid. They increase and decrease voltages, as well as provide isolation circuits th [...]

Increase Instrument Uptime by Retiring Your Old Nickel Methanizer

In today’s environment, organizations are being asked to streamline operations in an effort to reduce costs. This could mean increasing pr [...]

Q&A with Dr. Paul Dauenhauer, U of Minnesota Professor

Rajvi Mehta, ARC’s Technical Sales Manager, sits down with Paul Dauenhauer, Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materi [...]

White Paper: Benefits of the Polyarc for Testing Labs

Cost Savings and Increased Revenue with Simplified GC-FID Analysis [...]

White Paper: Transformative Technology for Fragrance Analysis

Increased Accuracy and Time Savings with Simplified GC-FID Analysis [...]

White Paper: Enhanced Analytical Capabilities for the Chemicals Industry

Enhanced Analytical Capabilities and Laboratory Savings with a Universal Carbon Detector [...]

White Paper: Transformer Oil Gas Analysis with the Polyarc

More Reliable Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Testing with an Enhanced Methanizer [...]

White Paper: A Dow Chemical Company Poster Review on the Polyarc

Improving Safety, Productivity, and Decreasing Waste in the Chemical Industry with the Polyarc Reactor [...]

Activated Research Gives Back: Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)

Each month, employees at ARC take a day away from our desks to reflect on our company’s values, vision, and how to best work together as a [...]

GCC 2019: ARC Products for Gasoline, DHA and O-FID Analyses

The annual Gulf Coast Conference (GCC) was held in Galveston, TX a couple of weeks ago. This year’s conference was particularly exciting b [...]