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High-Throughput Experimentation Qualifies Commercial Catalyst | Chemical Process

November 3, 2021High-Throughput Experimentation Qualifies Commercial Catalyst | Chemical ProcessingParallel testing eases selection of gas-p [...]

Fully Recyclable Polycarbonates

Plastics are unavoidable. The majority of products are made with plastic. Plastics remarkable versatility, strength, and permanence has led [...]

Commercial GC Reactor for EPA Method 25C / NMOC Analysis

A brief look at the Clean Air Act along with a commercially available GC reactor system for testing NMOC in accordance with EPA Method 25CLa [...]

Considering a Jetanizer?

When someone has interest in the Jetanizer, there is usually a common set of questions asked. Sometimes scientists have these questions in m [...]

Greenhouse Gas Analysis: An Application of the Past, Present and Future | Labcompare

Friday, June 10, 2022 | Nicole M. Lock [...]

Severity of Delayed Replacements

Replacing a Polyarc reactor is a relatively simple task. The most time-consuming steps will be cooling down the system and conditioning the [...]

Signs a Polyarc Replacement is Due

There are three signs that a Polyarc may be due for replacement. The indicators all have different potential causes. Sometimes they share co [...]

When Does the Polyarc Need Replacement?

A Polyarc reactor has a limited lifetime. The lifetime is commonly 6 months or 5,000 injections. This can be heavily impacted by the type of [...]

The Next Evolution in Extractables & Leachables Testing

Medical products ranging from oral medication to biomedical devices undergo rigorous testing to ensure the safety and quality of the product [...]

A better methanizer for dissolved gas analysis of transformer oil (DGA/TOGA)

Power transformers makeup the backbone of our electrical grid. They increase and decrease voltages, as well as provide isolation circuits th [...]