The Polyarc®

What is it?

The Polyarc is the next evolution of flame ionization detection (FID). The Polyarc converts the FID into a truly universal carbon detector using proprietary catalytic reactions that convert organic molecules to methane immediately prior to detection.

Why is it important?

The FID has two main challenges: lack of uniform response and low response to certain compounds. The Polyarc enhances your FID to solve these challenges by giving your FID a uniform response to nearly all organic molecules. The result is more accurate data, improved productivity, lab efficiencies, and the ability to detect more compounds.

Available on Agilent 5890, 6890, 7890, 8890, Shimadzu 2030, Thermo Fisher, Varian, Bruker, and Scion GCs

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The Polyarc System

The Polyarc is compliant with EPA Method 25 (25A/25C), ASTM D3612 and meets or exceeds the performance specifications for all methanizer applications/methods (ASTM, UOP, EPA, FDA, EN, ISO and more).

enhance your fid with the polyarc

Polyarc Operation
Quickly switch back to normal FID with the Polyarc bypass kit.
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what are current polyarc users saying?

"Having a Polyarc System in our lab...

...makes compound independent calibration possible, saving time and cost associated with calibrations."

...allows compounds with little to no response in the FID to be analyzed, further simplifying GC operation."

...enhances analytical capabilities, allowing chemists to perform analyses previously inaccurate or even impossible."

...allows us to get a closer formula on the first injection, eliminating re-runs and saving valuable time."

Better Data Quality
Better Data Quality

Improve accuracy, precision and sensitivity with a uniform FID response. Better data quality leads to improved decision making and more reliable products.
Increased Throughput
Increased Throughput

Run fewer samples by reducing the need for traditional calibration curves, while accurately quantifying all species. Simplified workflow means greater productivity.
More Economical
More Economical

Achieve a more cost-effective, time-saving, and productive operation. Use resources more efficiently. Reduce time and cost associated with purchase and preparation of calibration standards.

The Polyarc System is also available from Agilent Technologies, Inc.
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