Shimadzu Corporation Acquires Polyarc and Jetanizer

We’re excited to announce that Shimadzu Corporation has acquired exclusive rights to our award-winning Polyarc and Jetanizer products.

These cutting-edge gas chromatography add-ons have significantly enhanced the analysis of complex mixtures, biofuels and oils, and greenhouse gases, and improved FID sensitivity. With Shimadzu’s worldwide reach, customer base, and innovation – their impact will reach even greater heights.

ARC will continue its award-winning GC/LC product development and support, while spearheading innovative third-party platform development initiatives.

Thank you for your support over the past nine years! As we embark on this exciting new journey, we appreciate your continued support and remain dedicated to creating the best results for our customers.


Transforming the Way Scientists Use Gas Chromatographs with Flame Ionization Detectors

The Polyarc system has a catalytic microreactor that enhances new and existing gas chromatographs (GCs) with flame ionization detectors (FIDs) by converting all organic compounds to methane molecules prior to their detection by the FID. In doing so, the Polyarc system reduces the need to perform time-consuming calibrations by creating a uniform detector response for truly universal carbon detection.

The Polyarc system gives scientists the capability to determine purity, quantify unknowns, qualify products, investigate, improve development and more in a simple, fast and more economical way that is transforming the industry.

Overcoming Low-response in GC-FID Analysis

What do aldehydes, chlorofluorocarbons and silylated compounds have in common? They are a pain to analyze via GC-FID! The flame ionization detector (FID) is the most widely used detector because of its simplicity, large linear range (from 0.1 ppb to 100%), and general response to carbon.

How Does the Polyarc® System Work to Simplify and Improve GC/FID Quantification?

The Polyarc system has a catalytic microreactor that enhances GC/FIDs by converting all organic compounds to methane molecules prior to detection by the FID. The result?

A universal response for ALL organic molecules.

The Polyarc® System Features an Optimized Design and Seamless Integration

The Polyarc system is the first commercial technology of its kind. The device uses proprietary technologies including novel catalysts, a specially designed 3D-printed micro reactor, and fast seamless integration into existing equipment.

The optimized internal design and catalyst microstructure maintains separation performance and peak shape while increasing sensitivity and enabling accurate quantification without calibration standards.

Perform Cutting-Edge Chromatography on Any Organic Compound with a Polyarc® System

Realize a greater breadth of analysis with improved detection of compounds previously invisible or with an extremely low sensitivity by gas chromatography using FID only — while reducing the need for time intensive calibration.

The careful selection and robust catalyst design enables the analysis of a wide variety of compounds including a range of heteroatoms, compounds of various sizes, and samples containing common poisons (e.g., S).

How Does the Polyarc® System Compare to a Methanizer?

A conventional methanizer converts CO and CO2 to methane, allowing low level FID detection of CO and CO2. The significant advantage of the Polyarc system is that it converts all compounds to methane, allowing not only for the detection of CO and CO2 , but also millions of other organic compounds.


Why Choose ARC Technologies?

Activated Research Company (ARC) develops innovative products to enhance chemical analysis and improve lives. We serve customers across a range of industries with simple, easy-to-use GC/FID technologies that yield better data quality.

Unparalleled DATA QUALITY Unparalleled DATA QUALITY Reliably accurate data enables more informed decision-making with highly reliable information.
Enhanced and simple Throughput Enhanced and simple Throughput Improved precision and simplicity allows fewer sample runs while ensuring all compounds are accurately quantified.
More Economical More Economical Fast, dependable, and easy-to-use sample analysis saves time and supports more cost-effective, productive operations.

Polyarc® Customer List

Abbott Laboratories
Dow Chemical Company
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
National Renewable Energy Laboratory


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We serve customers across a range of industries with simple, easy-to-use  technologies that yield better data quality.