Activated Research Company: Making CO and CO2 Analysis Easy

GC/FID is a widely favored analytical tool for the analysis of volatile organic compounds. Lower molecular weight compounds, such as CO and CO2, can be a challenge; often yielding little to no response from the FID. ARC offers two unique detector solutions for accurate quantification of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

For applications requiring only CO and/or CO2 analysis, the Jetanizer™ is a cost-friendly and superior solution to available methanizers. The Jetanizer installs in place of the FID jet to catalytically convert CO and CO2 into methane for simplified and accurate quantification.

For applications which include CO and CO2 among other analytes of interest, the Polyarc System is an add-on to existing instrumentation that provides a universal FID response. The Polyarc converts all organic compounds to methane, resulting in increased sensitivity, reduced calibration, and improved laboratory productivity.

You can learn more about the Polyarc and Jetanizer from our Product Comparison Brochure.

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