The Polyarc® System:
Rapid Pharmaceutical Analysis

The process for quantification of pharmaceuticals, residual solvents, and extractables & leachables can be time-consuming and labor-intensive because it requires first identification and then quantification of analytes using gas chromatography. Quantification typically requires calibration which can be cumbersome for large numbers of analytes or impossible for new drug molecules with unavailable standards. The Polyarc system can be used to save time for the analysis of pharmaceutical products because it does not require calibration curves, allowing for quantitative information of new materials to be obtained quickly.


Polyarc Applications

Quantification of Tentatively Identified Extractables and Leachables with Mass Spectrometry and Polyarc®/FID
Author(s): Jianxin Yu, Ashley Baeten, and Scott Citrowske, Abbott Laboratories
Note – This application note describes the analysis of non-derivatized acids with the Polyarc. Free acids can adsorb/degrade during GC analysis, and thus some Polyarc RRFs may be non-uniform as complete sample transfer to the detector may not have been obtained in this application note.

Simultaneous Compound Identification and Quantification with Parallel Polyarc®/FID and MS
Author(s): Erick White, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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