Paints and Coatings

Paints and Coatings

The Polyarc® System:
Simplifying VOC Analysis

The number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a single sample of solvent-borne or water-borne coatings can range from a few to hundreds of mostly oxygen-containing molecules. This complexity makes obtaining quantitative data both time-consuming and challenging, as the FID response must first be calibrated for each individual VOC. The Polyarc system can be used to save time by reducing calibrations for the GC/FID analysis of VOCs. A single internal (or external) standard can be used to quantify all other components in the mixture, without the need to first calibrate. This means that quantitative information for many components can be obtained in a single injection.


Are you currently performing ASTM Method D6886 in your laboratory?

Standard Test Method for Determination of the Weight Percent Individual Volatile Organic Compounds in Waterborne Air-Dry Coatings by Gas Chromatography has been revised by ARC to include the use of the Polyarc system.

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