In the world of scientific discovery and analytical precision, accuracy is paramount. Scientists and engineers rely on precise measurements to unlock new insights and make informed decisions that drive progress. Enter the Polyarc® System, an innovative breakthrough that is transforming the landscape of CO/CO2 measurements. In this post, we will dig into the capabilities of the Polyarc® System and explore how it addresses the challenges posed by catalyst poisoning, setting a new standard for accuracy, reliability, and affordability.

The Challenge of Catalyst Poisoning
For scientists and engineers using methanizers to measure CO/CO2 – catalyst poisoning has long been a formidable obstacle. The need for accuracy and reliability in these measurements is undeniable, yet frequent catalyst replacement and maintenance downtime have posed significant hurdles. Catalyst degradation due to oxygen, sulfur, water, and coking can impede progress and increase operational costs.

The Polyarc® System Solution: A Paradigm Shift
The Polyarc® System steps onto the scene as a game-changing solution to this persistent challenge. It’s not just an add-on; it’s a revolution. This advanced GC add-on introduces a paradigm shift in CO/CO2 measurements, offering accuracy and reliability while simultaneously reducing replacement costs and minimizing maintenance downtime.

Mastering the Reactor Technology
At the heart of the Polyarc® System is an innovative two-stage reactor. Methanizers have long been the go-to choice for CO/CO2 conversion, but they are susceptible to catalyst poisoning and require frequent maintenance. The Polyarc® System’s reactor redefines the game by converting carbon compounds to CO2 and subsequently to CH4. This groundbreaking approach significantly enhances resistance to catalyst poisons, extending the reactor’s service life. Moreover, it eliminates the need for additional valving to prevent specific compounds from reaching the methanizer.

Elevating Analytical Results
Integrating the Polyarc® System into laboratory workflows offers a multitude of benefits that elevate analytical results. The expanded range of compounds that can be analyzed broadens the scope of research and analysis opportunities. Laboratories can now delve deeper into complex samples, uncovering insights that were once hidden.

Furthermore, the extended service life of the Polyarc® System reactor brings economic relief. By reducing the frequency of catalyst replacement and minimizing maintenance downtime, laboratories can optimize their resources. This economic efficiency allows for more comprehensive research within budget constraints.

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Seamless Integration and Real-Life Impact
Integrating the Polyarc® System into the lab is a seamless process, requiring a gas chromatograph equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID) and a compatible inlet. The Polyarc® System adapts effortlessly to various inlet types, making it versatile for different GC setups. Once installed, the Polyarc® System’s impact is immediate and transformative.

Real-life applications underscore the practical benefits of the Polyarc® System. In environmental monitoring, its enhanced sensitivity and resistance to catalyst poisons enable accurate measurements of trace volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in ambient air samples. In petrochemical research, the system’s ability to analyze complex hydrocarbon mixtures aids in refining processes.

A New Era of Analytical Excellence
The Polyarc® System heralds a new era of analytical excellence. By conquering catalyst poisoning and redefining CO/CO2 measurements, it empowers laboratories with unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and economic benefits. This groundbreaking solution is not just an add-on; it’s a catalyst for progress, revolutionizing the way we approach scientific measurement. The Polyarc® System is proof that innovation knows no bounds, propelling us toward a future where accurate measurements pave the way for remarkable discoveries.

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