Oil, Gas, and Biofuels

Polyarc System Installed on GC


The Polyarc® System:
Revolutionizing Complex Analysis

Oil, gas, and biofuel research and production consists of the analysis of extremely complex mixtures, including unknowns, oxygenates, organic acids, aldehydes, and more. Using the Polyarc system can dramatically simplify the calibration process by reducing (or eliminating) the amount of calibration required. It will also increase the sensitivity of certain compounds in the FID, including oxygenates and other low-sensitivity compounds (e.g., formic acid, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, etc.). Begin experiencing enhanced GC/FID analysis by contacting ARC today.


Polyarc Applications

ASTM D2163 and D5501 Analysis Comparison with Polyarc®/FID
Author(s): Major Petroleum Company, Contact Activated Research Company for References (contact@activatedresearch.com)
Stop-Flow Modulated GCxGC
Author(s): Tommy Saunders, Activated Research Company

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