New Universal Carbon Detector Technology, the Polyarc Reactor, Can Now be Purchased Through Activated Research Company.

Eden Prairie, MN, March 16, 2016 – Activated Research Company (ARC) has recently launched their flagship product, the Polyarc™ reactor. The 3D-printed catalytic microreactor is a break-through universal carbon detector technology for gas chromatography. The technology enhances existing GC/FIDs by converting all organic compounds to methane molecules prior to their detection by the FID, resulting in a universal FID response.

Using a Polyarc reactor improves GC/FID performance, reduces operating costs, enables quantification without calibration standards, improves accuracy and detects compounds with little or no previous FID sensitivity. Since its very recent launch, the Polyarc™ reactor has received international awards due to its innovative nature and the benefits it offers to scientists.

“We are honored the Polyarc reactor has received multiple international awards since our recent product launch and applaud organizations who recognize innovative technologies through their annual awards,” says Andrew Jones, ARC’s Partner and Co-Founder. “We are pleased with the positive feedback from our existing customers and are encouraged by the significant interest in the Polyarc reactor.”

About Activated Research Company
Activated Research Company is a growing chemical engineering company dedicated to its mission “To make the world a better place through catalysis.” Their recently launched product, the Polyarc™ reactor, is their first of many innovative products as they work to fulfill this mission. For more information, visit

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Rajvi Mehta

by Rajvi Mehta

Rajvi manages technical sales and marketing at ARC. She enjoys working with ARC's customers, partners, and distributors to ensure that ARC's products are the best fit for their applications. In her free time, Rajvi cheers for the University of Minnesota's Gopher football team and spends time with her husband, Eric, and dog, Sophie.

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