Precision Split™


What is it?

ARC’s PrecisionSplit™ device allows scientists and chromatographers to take advantage of the quantitative power of the Polyarc/FID in combination with the mass identification power of the mass spectrometer, all in the same injection in real time.

Why does my MS need an FID?

A mass spectrometer (MS) provides valuable qualitative data, but poses several challenges to accurate quantification. Adding a flame ionization detector (FID) in parallel with the MS gives complementary quantitative carbon concentrations with minimal extra effort or equipment. We believe every mass spectrometer needs an FID companion for quantitative analysis, especially for non-targeted analysis or tentatively identified compounds where quantification is desired.

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MS-FID Split

The benefits of a MS/FID split:

  • Virtually eliminate response factor variability
  • Quantify accurately (better linearity, more consistent response, fewer calibration errors)
  • Improve sensitivity for poor ionizers
  • Save your source!

The data

Response factor (RF) variation in the mass spectrometer (i.e., the relative response of the MS to different chemicals) can lead to significant errors in quantification. Two compounds that have the same response/area in the MS can have concentrations that differ more than 100-fold (see Jordi et al.). As you can see below, the Polyarc/FID split can reduce this response factor variation so that accurate quantification of tentatively identified compounds is possible.

RF variation with MS

MS RRF Variation

RF variation with Polyarc/FID split

FID RRF Variation

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MS/FID Split Configuration
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