The Jetanizer™

The World’s Smallest and Most Capable Methanizer: Now Available for Agilent 8890 GC

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The Jetanizer™ offers drastically simple analysis of CO and CO2. Made possible by advances in 3D printing and ARC’s proprietary catalysts, the Jetanizer™ is the world’s easiest methanizer to use and requires no extra plumbing, heaters, gases or toxic nickel catalysts. The Jetanizer™ installs in your FID like a normal jet to catalytically convert CO and CO2 to methane for ppb-to-100% concentration detection. Ask us how the Jetanizer™ can improve your lab operations.

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Benefits over Traditional Methanizers

  • Lower up-front cost
  • No extra plumbing: minimize fittings and leaks
  • No extra heater or controller: utilizes heat from FID
  • FAST installation: in as little as 60 seconds or less
  • Higher sulfur tolerance
  • Higher catalytic activity = larger linear dynamic range
  • Free up space on the GC
  • No toxic metals: The Jetanizer™ does not contain nickel catalysts
    Jetanizer and Polyarc Comparison


    CO2 gas injections from 1ppm to 100% with Jetanizer/FID

    Jetanizer Chromatogram

    Jetanizer Linearity

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