Shimadzu Corporation Acquires Polyarc and Jetanizer

We’re excited to announce that Shimadzu Corporation has acquired exclusive rights to our award-winning Polyarc and Jetanizer products.

These cutting-edge gas chromatography add-ons have significantly enhanced the analysis of complex mixtures, biofuels and oils, and greenhouse gases, and improved FID sensitivity. With Shimadzu’s worldwide reach, customer base, and innovation – their impact will reach even greater heights.

ARC will continue its award-winning GC/LC product development and support, while spearheading innovative third-party platform development initiatives.

Thank you for your support over the past nine years! As we embark on this exciting new journey, we appreciate your continued support and remain dedicated to creating the best results for our customers.


What is it?

The Jetanizer is the easiest and most robust methanizer. A methanizer is a chemical reactor that converts carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to methane to enable sensitive detection by a flame ionization detector (FID) from <20 ppb to 100%!

Common Methods*:

  • ASTM D2505 for CO2 in ethylene and propylene
  • ASTM D6159 for CO in ethylene
  • UOP Method 603-18 for trace CO/CO2 in H2

* Contact ARC for more information on select methods and industry applications for the Jetanizer.

Why is it important?

Low level detection of CO and CO2 is important in catalysis, hydrogen (H2) purity analysis, dissolved gas analysis (DGA), greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis, transformer oil gas analysis (TOGA), ethylene/propylene monomers, safe entry analysis, and more. Traditionally, large nickel-catalyst-filled tube methanizers are used, however, they are prone to frequent failures, and they are difficult and time consuming to operate and maintain. ARC’s Jetanizer solves these challenges by improving response, robustness and ease of installation, by incorporating state-of-the-art catalysts into an FID jet. Moreover, the Jetanizer enables low level <1 ppm formaldehyde analysis by GC avoiding the pitfalls of HPLC analysis of formaldehyde.

For use with these GC models:

Agilent 5890, 6890, 7890, 8890, and Intuvo.
Shimadzu 2010 and 2030 GCs

Product Brochure

Legacy methanizers take 2-6 hours to install and replace. Jetanizers take <5 minutes.

Nickel catalyst methanizer – 2-6 hour installation/replacement

ARC’s Jetanizer Model’s

5-minute installation/replacement

Read this blog post about how switching to a Jetanizer can improve your instrument uptime and save you money.

Video [2:00]Changing an FID Jetanizer™ on an Agilent 5890 | 6890 | 7890 | 8890 GC.

Benefits over Traditional Methanizers

  • Lower up-front cost
  • No extra plumbing: minimize fittings and leaks
  • No extra heater or controller: utilizes heat from FID
  • FAST installation: Less than 5 minutes
  • Ability to be used with formaldehyde
  • Higher sulfur tolerance
  • Higher catalytic activity = larger linear dynamic range
  • Free up space on the GC
  • No toxic metals: The Jetanizer™ does not contain nickel catalysts

Jetanizer and Polyarc Comparison

CO2 gas injections from 1ppm to 100% with Jetanizer/FID

CO2 gas injections from 1ppm to 100% with Jetanizer/FID


Why Choose ARC Technologies?

Activated Research Company (ARC) develops innovative products to enhance chemical analysis and improve lives. We serve customers across a range of industries with simple, easy-to-use GC/FID technologies that yield better data quality.

Unparalleled DATA QUALITY Unparalleled DATA QUALITY Reliably accurate data enables more informed decision-making with highly reliable information.
Enhanced and simple Throughput Enhanced and simple Throughput Improved precision and simplicity allows fewer sample runs while ensuring all compounds are accurately quantified.
More Economical More Economical Fast, dependable, and easy-to-use sample analysis saves time and supports more cost-effective, productive operations.

Jetanizer™ Customer List

Dow Chemical Company
ExxonMobil Corporation
hte GmbH
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments


Ready to learn more about the Jetanizer™?

We serve customers across a range of industries with simple, easy-to-use technologies that yield better data quality.