In today’s environment, organizations are being asked to streamline operations in an effort to reduce costs. This could mean increasing process efficiencies or pausing certain types of analyses. These requests can impact a lot of areas in the analytical laboratory, from instrument throughput to ensuring accuracy and confidence in the results.

By replacing your existing methanizers with ARC’s technologies, your instrument uptime can be greatly increased, resulting in higher throughput and overall more efficient workflows. The Polyarc and the Jetanizer are both drop-in replacements for traditional methanizers; read more below about which one is the best fit for your application.


Compound Independent Calibration for GC/FID

The Polyarc is a universal methanizer; it is a catalytic microreactor that converts any carbon-containing compound to methane through a set of sequential combustion-reduction reactions. Because of this, your CO and CO2 analyses can be performed in tandem with your analyses of organic acids, aldehydes, halogens, and other compounds of interest.


Unlike traditional Nickel catalyst methanizers, the Polyarc is made using proprietary catalysts that are resilient to typical catalyst poisons, including sulfur, halogens, and more. Worry-free operation does away with the concerns of poisoning and allows for dependable performance over the lifetime of the device.


The Polyarc’s robustness and compatibility with a variety of volatile species eliminates the need for complicated valving. This drastically simplifies the instrument’s operation, improves reliability, and decreases system cost.


Utilize the full capabilities of the FID with a 7-order of magnitude linear dynamic range from <100 ppb to 100%. Whether you are analyzing CO or carbon tetrachloride, take advantage of the universal carbon response and perform your analysis in a single injection.


The World’s Smallest and Most Capable Methanizer

The Jetanizer is the best alternative for your methanizer needs; it is simply a methanizer housed within an FID jet. Made possible by advances in 3D printing and ARC’s proprietary catalysts, the Jetanizer is the simplest solution for the analysis of CO, CO2, and formaldehyde.


Simply remove your existing FID jet and install the Jetanizer in its place – it’s that easy! The installation can be performed in 10 minutes or less.


The Jetanizer gets what it needs directly from the FID – you no longer need additional heaters, flow controllers, or plumbing. Install one part as opposed to 10+ parts.


ARC’s proprietary catalyst is not only sulfur-tolerant, but non-toxic. Increase the safety of the lab by reducing the need to handle toxic Nickel catalysts.

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