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Why should I use GCxGC?

The separation of compounds by gas chromatography is typically performed using a single analytical column. As samples become more complex, it can become difficult to separate all the compounds from each other and they can start to overlap, or co-elute. Longer or narrower columns can be used to increase resolving power, but with diminishing returns.

Comprehensive two-dimensional GC, or GCxGC, drastically increases separation power by adding a second analytical column after the first column. A modulator placed between the two columns pulses the analytes from the first column onto the second column. When the columns are orthogonal in separation power, this technique can result in an order of magnitude increase in the number of analytes that can be detected.

ARC’s solution takes advantage of stop-flow modulation to make GCxGC an attainable configuration for any analytical laboratory. It involves continually sampling the effluent from the first column into an accumulator tube and re-injecting it onto a second, smaller column with orthogonal separation. This second separation happens in the time it takes to accumulate the next sample. The pulse time is known as the modulation time


Why Choose ARC Technologies?

Activated Research Company (ARC) develops innovative products to enhance chemical analysis and improve lives. We serve customers across a range of industries with simple, easy-to-use technologies that yield better data quality.

Unparalleled DATA QUALITY Unparalleled DATA QUALITY Reliably accurate data enables more informed decision-making with highly reliable information.
Enhanced and simple Throughput Enhanced and simple Throughput Improved precision and simplicity allows fewer sample runs while ensuring all compounds are accurately quantified.
More Economical More Economical Fast, dependable, and easy-to-use sample analysis saves time and supports more cost-effective, productive operations.

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We serve customers across a range of industries with simple, easy-to-use GC/FID technologies that yield better data quality.