The Polyarc® System: Making FAMEs Analysis Easy

Fatty acid analysis is difficult given the wide variety of fatty acids that exist in nature. It is important for scientists to determine fatty acid fingerprints, which is most often done by using gas chromatography. To characterize fatty acids by GC, they are commonly esterified into fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs). The high polarity of fatty acids may cause adsorption, so the volatile and non-reactive nature of FAMEs enables better separation in a GC column. The quantification of FAMEs in a mixture poses challenges for the analytical chemist, as it is common for a mixture to contain up to 40 different compounds. Traditional GC techniques require painstaking and time-consuming calibrations for each component, and this effort is significantly increased when the analysis of unknowns is necessary. The Polyarc System allows for accurate quantification with a single internal standard and eliminates dependence on correction factors. The Polyarc/FID paired with a MS allows users to simultaneously identify and quantify complex FAME mixtures.


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