The Polyarc System

The Polyarc® System:
Simplifying GC Quantification

The chemical industry consists of the development and production of specialty, bulk, and commodity chemicals. Inherent in this development are many volatile organic compounds (VOCs), newly synthesized compounds, oxygenates, and additional compounds quantified via GC. The Polyarc system can be used to determine the purity of monomer feedstocks, determine total organic carbon content, study reaction byproducts, and more. The Polyarc system will enhance existing GC analysis and will help identify improvements of current processes and procedures. This can result in higher quality product and millions of dollars in revenue. Start simplifying your chemical analysis by contacting ARC today.


Polyarc Applications

Simultaneous Compound Identification and Quantification with Parallel Polyarc®/FID and MS
Author(s): Erick White, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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