Accurate results are critical in laboratory settings – where scientists and engineers rely on precise measurements and insightful analytics to make both new discoveries and informed decisions. In this post, we will examine the capabilities of the Polyarc® System, an innovative GC add-on that revolutionizes processes and overcomes many of the common challenges faced in the lab. The Polyarc® System is not just a methanizer; it is a game-changing solution that delivers unrivaled accuracy, reliability, and affordability, while reducing replacement costs and minimizing maintenance downtime.

Understanding the Polyarc® System Reactor
In laboratories measuring CO/CO2, methanizers have long been the go-to device. Unfortunately, methanizers can encounter catalyst poisoning or require frequent maintenance and replacement, both of which can limit testing throughput. The Polyarc® System emerges as the perfect solution to these challenges with its cutting-edge two-stage reactor. Unlike traditional methanizers, the Polyarc® System’s reactor converts carbon compounds to CO2 and subsequently to CH4. This innovative approach confers exceptional resistance to catalyst poisons, prolongs the reactor’s service life, and eliminates the need for additional valving to prevent specific compounds from reaching the methanizer.

Enhancing Analytical Results with the Polyarc® System
The integration of the Polyarc® System into laboratory workflows unlocks numerous benefits that significantly enhance analytical results. First, it enables the analysis of a broader range of compounds, expanding the scope of research and analysis opportunities. Second, with the Polyarc® System’s extended service life, laboratories can substantially reduce operating costs by minimizing the frequency of replacements and the associated downtime. Finally, the streamlined installation process and reduced valving requirements ensure smoother workflows – saving valuable time and boosting efficiency.

Integrating the Polyarc® System into the Lab
To harness the advantages of the Polyarc® System, laboratories require a gas chromatograph (GC) equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID) and a compatible inlet. The Polyarc® System seamlessly integrates with various inlet types, including split/splitless, on-column, PTV, and headspace, offering versatility and adaptability to different GC setups. Once the Polyarc® System is successfully installed, its impact on results is immediate and far-reaching. Researchers achieve enhanced sensitivity and improved reliability, empowering them with confidence in their data, facilitating more accurate interpretation and driving better informed decision-making.

The Impact of the Polyarc® System on Analytical Workflow
Integration of the Polyarc® System into laboratory settings has a transformative effect on analytical workflows, leading to remarkable advancements in research and development. With the Polyarc® System’s ability to analyze a broader range of compounds, scientists can delve deeper into complex samples, uncovering hidden insights and expanding the boundaries of knowledge. This capability is particularly crucial in fields such as environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical analysis, and petrochemical research, where a comprehensive understanding of compound composition is essential.

Furthermore, the extended service life of the Polyarc® System reactor has a significant economic impact on laboratories. By reducing the frequency of catalyst replacement and minimizing maintenance downtime, the Polyarc® System saves laboratories substantial costs associated with equipment upkeep. This enables a greater allocation of resources to other critical research areas, enabling laboratories to operate more efficiently and accomplish more within their budgetary constraints.

The Polyarc® System’s streamlined installation process and reduced need for additional valving also contribute to improved workflow efficiency. Laboratories can save valuable time during setup and method development, enabling faster data acquisition and analysis. Adding the Polyarc® System enhances productivity and facilitates seamless integration into existing analytical systems.

Real-Life Applications
To demonstrate the practical benefits of the Polyarc® System, the following real-life applications highlight its impact across several use-cases:

Environmental Monitoring: A laboratory focusing on air quality analysis integrated the Polyarc® System into their GC-FID system. The enhanced sensitivity and resistance to catalyst poisons provided by the Polyarc® System enabled the accurate measurement of trace amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in ambient air samples. The extended service life of the Polyarc® System reactor significantly reduced maintenance requirements and improved overall operation efficiency.

Petrochemical Research: In a petrochemical laboratory, the Polyarc® System played a crucial role in analyzing complex hydrocarbon mixtures. By expanding the range of compounds that could be analyzed, the Polyarc® System facilitated comprehensive characterization of various petroleum fractions, letting researchers identify impurities and more effectively optimize the refining processes.

Pharmaceutical Analysis: The Polyarc® System’s ability to handle a wide range of compounds proved invaluable to a pharmaceutical laboratory performing drug analysis. The longer service life of the Polyarc® System reactor reduced the frequency of instrument downtime, enabling a continuous analysis of critical samples. The ability to analyze multiple compounds simultaneously improved overall workflow efficiency, enabling faster drug development and greater quality control.

The Polyarc® System stands at the forefront of lab instrumentation, ushering in a new era of enhanced analytical results. Its unique two-stage reactor overcomes the limitations faced by traditional methanizers, positioning it as an indispensable tool in the modern laboratory. By expanding the range of compounds that can be analyzed, reducing maintenance and replacement costs, and streamlining the installation process, the Polyarc® System empowers laboratories to achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in their data capture workflows.

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