As a Methanizer

Is the Polyarc® System a methanizer?
Yes — and so much more.

Capillary Optimized


Capillary Optimized

Superior flow path design enables capillary chromatography with minimal loss in chromatographic resolution while allowing for complete conversion of organic analytes to methane. Analyze all carbon containing species including CO, CO2, formic acid, formaldehyde, tetrachloromethane, and more with the best chromatographic resolution. Try the Polyarc system out today to see what a difference it can make.

Spanjers, C., et al., Analytical Methods, “Increasing Flame Ionization Detector (FID) Sensitivity Using Post-Column Oxidation-Methanation”




Proprietary catalysts and novel reactor design allow the Polyarc reactor to operate and resist catalyst poisoning in the presence of ethylene, propylene, sulfur compounds*, water, halogens, and more. Worry-free operation does away with the concerns of nickel-based methanizers (e.g. in transformer oil gas analysis) and allows for dependable performance over the lifetime of the device.

*Regeneration may be required for concentrations over 1,000 ppm

Beach, C., et al., AIChE Journal, “Complete Carbon Analysis of Sulfur-Containing Mixtures using Post-Column Reaction and Flame Ionization Detection”

Linear Dynamic Range


Linear Dynamic Range

Utilize the full capabilities of the FID with a 7-order of magnitude linear dynamic range from <100 ppb to 100%. Whether you are analyzing CO or icosane, all carbons are catalytically converted to methane to burn efficiently in the FID and to give the same universal FID response per carbon.

Equimolar and Linear Carbon Response over 7 Orders of Magnitude for Alcohols, Ethers and Hydrocarbons
Author(s): Andrew Jones, Activated Research Company


GC with FID and Polyarc Reactor



Minimize Complicated Valving

Robust compatibility with a variety of volatile species reduces or eliminates the need for valving, drastically simplifying operation, improving reliability, and decreasing system cost. Ask our specialists what the Polyarc system can do for your analyses.




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