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Activated Research Company (ARC) is an exciting and rapidly-growing company with a mission to improve chemical analysis with innovative products. Using our unique combination of catalysis and chromatography expertise, we are making a significant difference in the way scientists measure chemicals in fuels, paints and coatings, fragrances, pharmaceuticals and more. Our products include the Polyarc® system, Jetanizer™, ARC Isotope™, and the upcoming Solvere™.

We are looking for an experienced PhD analytical chemist (or equivalent) with HPLC method development experience that wants to help us launch and develop the next best thing in HPLC. ARC has invented an FID for HPLC that brings universal response to nonvolatile carbon analytes including sugars/carbohydrates, lipids, polymers, peptides and more. This position will involve application developments, instrument improvements and optimization, and customer interactions. It is ARC’s sincere hope that the research fellow program transitions to a full-time position at the end of the program if both parties agree.

Desired Knowledge:

    • HPLC operation and method development
    • Direct application experience in one of the following: sugars/carbohydrates, lipids, polymers, or peptides
    • Industry experience is a plus

Key Responsibilities:

    • Identify and create new applications and methods for use of the Solvere CSD instrument
    • Identify new market opportunities for the Solvere by interviewing analytical scientists
    • Provide technical support to early Solvere customers
    • Research and develop new capabilities and enhancements for the Solvere
    • Publish white papers and other technical marketing materials
    • Conduct Voice of Customer interviews to identify new applications and customer segments
    • Conduct testing on customer supplied samples, analyze the data, and relay the results
    • Coordinate and author peer-reviewed manuscripts
    • Subject matter expert for HPLC and innovations in separation science
    • Perform competitive analysis and industry benchmarking
    • Other duties as assigned

To Apply for the Innovative Postdoctoral Entrepreneurial Research Fellowship (IPERF):

    Click here to visit the IPERF website
    • Select “PhDs Start Here” on the homepage
    • Follow the steps to create an account and use the below information to find and apply for the position:
    • Research Opportunity ID: 103 Analytical Chemist HPLC
    • Activated Research Company (NSF Award #1853063)

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 612-787-2721 or

Andrew Jones

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