Speakers from ARC and Dow Chemical will discuss innovations in gas chromatography

Eden Prairie, MN, January 13, 2019 – Activated Research Company (ARC) is partnering with The Analytical Scientist and The Dow Chemical Company to host a webinar on February 19, 2020 at 10 AM CST. The webinar is titled, “Innovations in GC that Increase Analytical Capability and Productivity,” and will discuss novel gas chromatographic (GC) techniques and applications with catalysis-based, 3D-printed microreactors.

The two speakers are Jim Luong, PhD, FRSC (pictured below, left), a Fellow of Analytical Science in Core R&D at The Dow Chemical Company, and Andrew Jones, PhD (pictured below, right), CEO and Co-founder of ARC. As an analytical chemist, Dr. Luong practices several techniques such as mass spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma spectrometry, and is most passionate with chromatography. Some key areas of research include selective detection, ultra-trace analysis, 3D-printing, microfluidic enabled gas chromatography, hyphenated techniques, and differential ion mobility spectrometry. Dr. Luong is a Fellow of the United Kingdom’s Royal Society of Chemistry and an Associate of the Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science. After serving six years as a member of Analytical Methods Editorial Board, Dr. Luong is currently on the journal’s advisory board. Dr. Luong is a recipient of the 2007 Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Award of Distinction and the 2013 Canadian Society for Chemistry/Chemical Institute of Canada’s Maxxam Award. Recently, Dr. Luong was named to the Top 100 Analytical Scientists in the Power List 2019 published by The Analytical Scientist.

Dr. Jones’ research and product developments focus on the nexus of chemical reactor engineering and analytical chemistry with a focus on catalytic techniques that transform molecules for improved detection. He is the inventor of the Polyarc system, which has been recognized by several awards including an R&D 100 award, The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award, and Best New Product award from the Gulf Coast Conference. Dr. Jones is a recipient of the 35 and Under Young Entrepreneur Award, Tekne Award, and Astronaut Scholar.

Webinar attendees will come away with the knowledge of how recent advances in GC allow for single-injection quantitation. They will also learn about post-column reaction techniques paired with flame ionization detection for universal response and reduced calibration steps. These items will be discussed in the context of challenging GC applications and practices.

The webinar is hosted by The Analytical Scientist and interested parties can click here to register.

About Activated Research Company
Activated Research Company (ARC) was founded in 2014 with a mission to make chemical analysis easy. ARC’s products harness the latest in 3D printing and catalytic technologies to bring universal carbon response and compound independent calibration to gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. These innovations open new capabilities to researchers and improve analytical workflow in their laboratories. For more information, visit www.activatedresearch.com.

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