ARC among four finalists in Medical Technology and Devices category

Eden Prairie, MN, October 7, 2020 – Activated Research Company (ARC) is a finalist for the Minnesota Technology Association 2020 Tekne Awards in the Medical Technology and Devices category. For the past two decades, the Tekne Awards have recognized organizations that are leading-edge innovators in science and technology throughout Minnesota. The 2020 Tekne Awards celebration on Nov. 18 will reveal winners among the finalists in 16 categories.

ARC is a finalist in the Medical Technology and Devices category for the development of their newest product, the Solvere™. The Solvere™ is a detector for liquid chromatography (LC) that, for the first time, brings the benefits of the Flame Ionization Detector (FID) to the LC space by allowing for carbon selective detection with a wide linear range. It has the potential to positively impact not only the medical device industry, but also drug development and biopharmaceuticals, renewable resources, chemicals, and more.

“ARC is honored to be a finalist for the 2020 Tekne Awards for Medical Technology and Devices,” said Andrew Jones, CEO and Co-founder of ARC. “Minnesota has a thriving medical device community, and we’re excited to continue developing products that support these companies and make their analyses easier.”

“Each year, the Tekne Awards shine a spotlight on the people and organizations driving Minnesota’s innovation economy,” said Jeff Tollefson, President and CEO of the Minnesota Technology Association. “This year, we are excited to honor those organizations that played a significant role in spearheading science and technology innovation in Minnesota and around the world.”

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About Activated Research Company
Activated Research Company (ARC) was founded in 2014 with a mission to make chemical analysis easy. ARC’s products harness the latest in 3D printing and catalytic technologies to bring universal carbon response and compound independent calibration to gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. These innovations open new capabilities to researchers and improve analytical workflow in their laboratories. For more information, visit

About the Minnesota Technology Association (MnTech)
The Minnesota Technology Association is a coalition of more than 250 member companies united in building a stronger tech ecosystem and innovation economy in Minnesota. Formerly known as the Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA), the organization works to ensure that Minnesota’s technology-driven companies have access to exceptional talent, dedicated public policy advocates, and are part of an innovative, inclusive technology community. | @Minn_tech | @MnTechAssociation

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