Addition expands operations and product management expertise at ARC

Eden Prairie, MN, December 3, 2019 – Activated Research Company (ARC) is pleased to welcome Rodd Joos as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

“ARC is extremely excited to have Rodd join our growing team,” said Andrew Jones, CEO of Activated Research Company. “Rodd’s unique talents for business and manufacturing operations as well as his connections in the additive manufacturing space will open new markets and opportunities for our products and help us maintain our world-class product quality.”

Rodd has spent 20+ years in product development and is an expert in technology leadership. “Andrew and the ARC team created groundbreaking products with Jetanizer and Polyarc, and they have a long list of exciting product ideas in their R&D pipeline that will make dramatic improvements to chromatography,” shared Rodd. “Andrew is a visionary in the industry, and I can’t overstate how excited I am to partner with him to lead ARC into the future!”

Rodd will oversee ARC’s daily operations and develop the strategic plan for the company to grow into a top product development organization. He previously served as the Director of Technology Transfer at Protolabs where he connected research and development to manufacturing operations.

About Activated Research Company
ARC was founded in 2014 with a mission to make chemical analysis easy. ARC’s products improve analytical workflow and open new capabilities in the laboratory by harnessing the latest in additive manufacturing and catalytic technologies. The Polyarc® system, released in 2015, is the world’s first universal carbon detector allowing for compound independent calibration and streamlined analyses. The Jetanizer, released in 2017, is the world’s simplest methanizer, allowing for the analysis of CO, CO2, and formaldehyde with unparalleled detection limits and ease. The Solvere™ is bringing universal carbon detector to liquid chromatography (LC) in early 2020. The Polyarc system is currently available from Agilent Technologies. For more information, visit

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Rajvi Mehta

by Rajvi Mehta

Rajvi manages technical sales and marketing at ARC. She enjoys working with ARC's customers, partners, and distributors to ensure that ARC's products are the best fit for their applications. In her free time, Rajvi cheers for the University of Minnesota's Gopher football team and spends time with her husband, Eric, and dog, Sophie.

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