Flavor and Fragrance


The Polyarc® System:
Quantifying Complex Mixtures

Fragrance and flavor analysis or duplication requires knowledge of the exact concentration of molecules in complex mixtures. To obtain this, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is typically used. While GC/MS is highly useful for determining the identity of molecules in a mixture, it is not as efficient at quantifying molecules, especially when standards are not available or when the calibration process can be cumbersome. The Polyarc system coupled with a flame ionization detector (FID) can be used to accurately quantify complex mixtures using a single injection without using calibration standards.


Polyarc Applications

Accurate Fragrance Duplication with a Single Injection using the Polyarc System
Author(s): Joe Nuckolls, Chemia Corporation Fragrance and Flavor
Analytical Comparison of Similar Perfumes using the Polyarc System
Author(s): Tommy Saunders, Activated Research Company

Polyarc Microreactor: Quantification of Commercially Unavailable or Unknown Flavor Compounds.
Author(s): Jean-Paul Schirlé-Keller, Smaro Kokkinidou, and Devin Peterson, Flavor Research and Education Center at the University of Minnesota

“Calibration-Free Catalytic Microreactor for Analysis of Pesticides in Food”
Author(s): Charlie Spanjers et al., American Laboratory:

GC/FID Analysis of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters without Correction Factors Using the Polyarc® Reactor
Author(s): Andrew Jones, Activated Research Company
Carbohydrate Analysis by (U)HPLC and Solvere/FID
Author(s): Andrew Jones and Tommy Saunders, Activated Research Company

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